Tap the patient’s inner capacities

May 29, 2012   Monday

Day 18

Vitals:  taken at 8:00 am

O2 SAT –  97
Heart Rate: 97
Temperature: 36.4
Blood Pressure: 130/90 
Respiratory Rate: 25

“Breathing is God’s gift to humans. God BREATHED life into the first human beings. We refuse to believe that this gift is taken away from her .”

She was and still is a living, breathing beautiful human being.

Our attitude: 

:  We are not helpless; we are empowered to take charge of Melits’ healing process. There are ways which we can do to contribute to her survival and recovery.

Our Observation:

Comatose Patients are not powerless either. All we need to do is to tap their inner power, that includes the power to breathe on their own.

Our Action:

We fully and faithfully participated in the breathing test. We asked the doctor that the job should be ours and not the nurses’.

Our Doctors said

Today, Dr. Casino takes the breathing test to a higher level. She asked us to take the mechanical ventilator off for one hour and use the T-piece attached to the oxygen. It means for one hour alternatively, Melit is breathing on her own without the machine.

God’s Blessings: 

Melit passed the breathing test today with flying colors. Her 02 sat was still very high at 97 even without the ventilator which encouraged Dr. Casino to be more progressive in the breathing test. Towards the end of the day, Dr. Casino declared that Melit can now survive without the mechanical ventilator.

Thus ended the second nine-day phase of her journey. The first was her freedom from the ICU room. The second is her freedom from the machine.


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