Focus on the patient!

Day 2  Cagayan de Oro Medical Center
May 13, 2012

Blood Pressure – 110/60
Temperature: 36.3
Heart Rate: 60
O2 Sat: 100 Respiratory Rate: 20

Xray shows pneumonia

Our attitude:

“Comatose” is not a sickness; it is an innate survival mechanism of the body to shut down the consciousness in order for healing to happen. It is like cocooning. Melit will come out of this like a butterfly.

Our Observation:

Comatose patients, especially with those major brain injury, do not just wake up the day after the operation. Doctor Garcia said it will take two months for her to wake up, at the earliest. Melit’s Glasgow score is  5 out of 14, that is a very low score (more on the Glasgow scale).

Our doctors said:

We looked at doctors as Ours, not Melit’s because she couldn’t actively participate in her diagnostics and medications, we have to act on her behalf.

Dr. Cadiz was straightforward with his assessment. The craniectomy was  a life-saving procedure. It  is still possible that there is aneurysm which couldn’t be detected during the operation. The only way we will know is through an angiogram which is no available here in Cagayan de Oro, and even if it were, Lita’s body can’t possible survive another major  procedure.

Dr. Tantongco said the xray result showed signs of pneumonia(hospital acquired), thus her antibiotic was changed to Axera.

Our Action:

So today, the feast of the Our Lady of Fatima, when things began to settle a bit, we met as a family and planned for  the future.

We began with logistics like organizing ourselves. We divided the family into two main groups: patient care and financial matters.  The patient care group crafted a bedwatch schedule and formed some guidelines which we posted on the wall.

The financial group took care of fund raising, managing the finances, canvassing for the lowest prices since we were already in the prescribed mode and buying medicines and supplies.

Our Feelings:

At the end of the second day, Lita’s vitals were very much stable and she was off any sedative, and the family found a rhythm. Thus, it did not become stressful. All doctors came for their rounds. Fr. Butch gave the anointing of the sick, cousin Bebec and her group  the Community of Love and Mercy came to pray over here.

Our Conclusion:

Melit is given the best care in all levels.

Meds today: MannitolDopamineRanitidineCiticolineLeviteracetamKalium DurulesOxacillin, and Axera.

Diagnostic Tests today: X-Ray, HGT, and CBC


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