There is humor in the ICU

Day 5  Cagayan de Oro Medical Center
May 16, 2012

Blood Pressure – 120/70
Temperature: 36
Heart Rate:  70
O2 Sat: 100 
Respiratory Rate: 26

“A sad day in the whole ICU because one of the young patients Aiza died.  We pray for her soul, while in Melit’s room, humor stayed for the whole day.”

Melit joined a long parade on a hot day — one of the reasons for the major stroke, we think.

Our attitude:

We couldn’t afford to have Melit stay in the ICU of COMC, especially that she will be in this phase for a long period of time. So, we decided that every day in the ICU is a learning experience for us so that we can bring her home and provide intensive care. The home, if organized well, is a better healing environment that any hospital. And like any other learning environment, this one provides plenty of laughter.

Our Observation:

Comatose patients, like normal conscious beings, reject anything foreign in their body. Melit literally spit out the mouth guard that made her look like a new version of Hannibal Lecter. Unfortunately, without it, she bit her tongue and there was blood in her lips. Now, she looked like Dracula.

These are the days when we try to find humor in everything. Actually, she made life difficult for the medical technologists (three of them) who attempted to draw blood from her veins for a new round of blood tests.  So, we suggested why not bite her neck? The lab technicians did not even attempt to smile.

Melit had not had any bowel release for five days now and her tummy is bloated. They had to induce it, so they used Dulcolax for supostory – it is a pill that is administered by inserting into the anus. It worked, otherwise we had to follow Jessan’s suggestion which is to feed her Cobra via NGT.

Our doctors said:

Dr. Cadiz said categorically that she was out of imminent danger, although he did not eliminate the possibility of an aneurysm.

Our Action:

We began looking for possibility of transferring her to a public hospital for financial reasons.

Our Feelings:

Today was light and easy.

The Camp JMC teachers came today; they are very compassionate and caring colleagues. Just traveling to the city requires funds and is very tedious but they made it a point to visit regularly. Melit is lucky.

Our Conclusion:

Taking care of a comatose patient is serious business, but not necessarily dreadful.

Meds today: Mannitol, Telmisartan,  RanitidineCiticolineLeviteracetamKalium DurulesOxacillin, and Axera.

Diagnostic Tests today: CBC, Sodium and Potassium Test


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