It is a waiting game

Day 5  Cagayan de Oro Medical Center
May 16, 2012

Blood Pressure – 110/70
Temperature: 37
Heart Rate:  70
O2 Sat: 100 
Respiratory Rate: 22

“A very busy day full of meetings and consultation while Melit lay in bed waiting for healing to happen.”

Fiesta – with roasted pig and pork menus – was one of the reasons why her blood pressure shoot up to 200/100.

Our attitude:

Journeying with comatose loved ones is a matter of waiting. We are a very patient family and we are not in a hurry. We are willing to wait for her to wake up.

Our Observation:

Comatose patients like Melit is also a challenge to most physicians, especially to young ones like Dr. Cadiz.

Our doctors said:

He wants to know what is happening in her head. He talked to us about the possibility of having a CT Angiogram.  But we turned it out down, after meeting as a family and consulting a friend, Dr. Natasha Emano Elasegue.  It seems the procedure, an expensive one at that, will only inform us about the status of her brain, but we couldn’t do anything about it. If the angiogram will establish that there is aneurysm, there’s not much we can do. The only procedure against aneurysm is curling, which is only available in Cebu or Davao. Melit can’t stand the travel, nor another major procedure.

Our Action:

We told the good doctor, we prefer to wait.

Our Feelings:

Good things come to do those who wait actually. For five days, doctors and nurses for waiting for her to defecate. So when she did today, there was a spirit of celebration in the ICU. Imagine!

Another round of Xray was ordered by Dr. Tantongco to check the status of her pneumonia. Melit’s catheter was also changed today.  Fortunately, we received a donation from a Ms Copino who  gave 3 thousand from the Manolo Fortich’s teachers association. Grateful!

Virgie Templa (practically a family member) arrived today with daughter Jejel. They were arguing whether they were in the right room because they thought a man was lying in bed.  Funny but sad. Virgie kept on crying.

Our Conclusion:

Doctors may have the years of training and experience, but ultimately, their knowledge of the patient is limited to observations and diagnostic tests. The family still knows best.

Meds today: MannitolTelmisartan,  RanitidineCiticolineLeviteracetamOxacillin, and Axera.

Diagnostic Tests today: Xray


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