The Most Expensive Stockings She Ever Had

Day 8 Cagayan de Oro Medical Center
May 19, 2012

Vitals:  taken at 8 am
Blood Pressure – 130/80
Temperature: 37.1
Heart Rate:  78
O2 Sat: 100 
Respiratory Rate: 25

“We read to her the Story of Jesus Healing a Hemorrhaging Woman and we felt relief.”

Our attitude:

We will spend on essentials, no  matter how much they cost. When we said Yes to the surgery, we knew we were saying YES to a long term care and escalating cost. We don’t have money, but money will come. We trust God, so when the doctors will say this is essential, we will secure it.

Our Observation:

Comatose patients cannot move their body voluntarily except for a few reflexes and fewer spontaneous responses which Melit was showing such as kicking her legs. She was in danger of a condition called deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Dr. Cadiz prescribed an antiemboli stockings. It is very expensive (P1500/pair) and only available in one outlet as of today: Alfie Lungcare.

Our doctors said:

Dr. Tantongco said that the new xray reveals the possibility that there was no pneumonia – but an old scar in her lungs that appeared like signs of pneumonia. Hmmm. All that seven days of Axera ( a scandalously expensive antibiotic) for an old scar?

Our Action:

We bought the stockings  because the doctors and nurses we consulted said it is essential.  That is our commitment, and that included the P10,000 per day antibiotic cocktail that Melit would take for the next ten days.

Our Feelings:

A bit tense as we waited for the results from the people in NMMC if we can transfer.

Our Conclusion:

People in general are good-natured. They are willing to lend a hand – not just money  but connections and lessons and tips and everything that helped the load a bit lighter each day.

Meds today: MannitolTelmisartan,  RanitidineCiticolineLeviteracetamOxacillin, and Axera.

Diagnostic Tests today: HGT


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