Move Her From Private to Public Hospital

Day 9 Cagayan de Oro Medical Center
May 20, 2012

Vitals:  taken at 8 am
Blood Pressure – 120/80
Temperature: 37
Heart Rate:  72
O2 Sat: 100 
Respiratory Rate: 25

“Finally, our prayers were answered – a suite room at NMMC was available.”


How a white butterfly such as this can enter a locked ICU room? We prefer to see it as a visit from our brother Iking whose death anniversary we commemorate today.

Just like a complete novena, Melit spent nine days in the ICU of Cagayan de Oro Medical Center, then we got the good news that a suite room at the NMMC was now available. It is a Sunday, and a good day to transfer.

Early morning, we had an unexpected visitor – a white butterfly hovering over Melit. Considering that the white butterfly is a scarcity in this city’s concrete jungle, and the fact that the ICU is a closed unit, we thought it was a visit by our brother Eking, who passed away of a heart attack three years ago this day. It was a good sign. Butterflies emerge from cocoons, so Melit will emerge fresh and flying from this comatose phase.

That is just one of the many blessings today.

  1. Nurse Joy was there to personally supervise our transfer.
  2. Dr. Cadiz, Dr. Garcia, and the anesthesiologist gave us big discounts.
  3. We were able to raise 300,000 to settle our bill and obtain the discharge clearance.
  4. The transfer to the NMMC went without a hitch except for a few heated arguments with tired nurses.

By evening, Melit was in another healing environment. Another chapter of our journey.


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