Transform a private room into an ICU

May 21, 2012 Monday

Day 10

Vitals:  taken at 8:00 am
O2 SAT – 100
Heart Rate: 73
Temperature: 37.7
Blood Pressure: 110/80 24
Respiratory Rate: 24

“We don’t have money to stay in an private ICU for a month, but we have enough to transform a public hospital room into an ICU.”

Melit with sister Virgie and pamangkin Maymay

Our attitude: 

We need to shift gear and we need to do this fast. This is not ICU, but this is a consequence of our cost-cutting decision. So, it is our job to make sure that Melit gets private-hospital ICU treatment in a private room of a public hospital.

Our Observation:

Comatose patients require intensive care wherever they are. That is instilled in our consciousness.

Our Action:

First, we require everyone, yes including janitors and midwives, to wear masks and our own slippers once they enter the room. They understood our situation and were more than happy to accommodate. Besides, we supplied everything – masks, slippers, gloves, and alcohol to guests.

Second, we control the medication. Every time there is a new order, we always dialogued with the nurse. Who ordered the medication? What are these for? What are the drug interaction with other medicines?

Third, we hired our own nurse, Patrick Bonita who is a friend of Jezza. We also made sure that all watchers are familiar with the important procedures: suctioning, bed turning, perineal care, and skin care.

Fourth, we limited guests to a ten- minute maximum stay inside the room, no matter how important and close they are.

Five, we bought our own bedside supplies: OS gauze, digital thermometer, suction catheter, and so forth. Within a day, the suite room indeed looked and acted like an ICU room.

Our Doctors said

Dr. Casino, Melit’s pulmonologist came for her first visit. She looked young, but very caring and professional. We had a discussion about the pneumonia because it seemed the infection is still there despite the previous assessment of Dr. Tangtongco that the blur in the Xray film is more of a scar rather than an infection. It seemed Axera was not able to dissolve the infection after all.

God’s Blessings: 

Our cousin Merlyn belongs to a born-again group and they asked if they could come to pray over Melit with their pastor. We welcome all prayers, no matter the religion.




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