If she can’t move her body, then move her body for her

May 25, 2012 Thursday

Day 15

Vitals:  taken at 8:00 am

O2 SAT – 97

Heart Rate: 92
Temperature: 38
Blood Pressure: 100/60 
Respiratory Rate: 24

“Today we learn something new: passive Range of Motion.”

Melit with daughter Jezza

Our attitude: 

Since Melit cannot move, then we move her in her behalf.  The human body, without movement, degenerates.

Our Observation:

Comatose patients are in danger of atrophy where the muscles, due to the lack of movement, will decrease in size and lose their normal function. We were thankful that today we were introduced to Dr. Barba, a rehab specialist who taught us passive ROM (range of motions) which we have to do three times a day.  We were happy to do something that can contribute to her healing while we wait for the pneumonia to dissolve and for her fever to go down.

Our Action:

We do the ROM exercises three times a day.

Our Doctors said

Doctor Barba gave us a practical tip which escaped our common sense; during perineal, wipe the anus downwards because if done upwards, there is the danger that some bacteria from the feces will enter the vaginal opening and cause infection. Logical!

God’s Blessings: 

The Camp JMC teachers came today with donation from the district level teachers.  Our gratitude.


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