Doctors are God’s instruments

May 26, 2012   Friday
Day 15
Vitals:  taken at 8:00 am
O2 SAT –  100
Heart Rate: 86
Temperature: 36.2
Blood Pressure: 120/80 
Respiratory Rate: 24

“Today, her pneumonia is gone.”

With Mayor Toloy Evasco

Our attitude: 

.We choose to trust doctors. We treat doctors  as God’s instruments for Melits’ healing and we fully believe, because we prayed for it, that the doctors sent to heal her,  will know what to do.

Our Observation:
Comatose patients are people who dwell in a different level of consciousness; and therefore, we have to encounter them there. Our experience tells us that sometimes Melit communicates through our own dreams. Today, one of us dreamed of her smiling and assuring us that everything will be alright.
Our Action:
Hope for a good news.

Our Doctors said
True enough, Dr. Casino came early with a wide smile in her face. The pneumonia is dissolving but she ordered another round of CBC just to check the level of her infection.

God’s Blessings: 
Mera Tuquib, Jezza’s best friend, sent via Western Union a very significant amount to help Melit’s recovery. She is now a resident of Canada but managed to make her caring presence felt.


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