Comatose might look asleep but but she is not necessarily rested

May 27, 2012   Saturday

Day 16

Vitals:  taken at 8:00 am
O2 SAT –  98
Heart Rate: 97
Temperature: 36.8
Blood Pressure: 140/90 
Respiratory Rate: 25

“Today,  she looks restless for someone referred to by some doctors as vegetative.”

Melit in action


Our attitude: 
We need to challenge our assumptions and biases about comatose patients like Melit. Just because they are not awake, it doesn’t mean that they are sleeping or resting.

Our Observation:
Comatose Patients oftentimes can be restless and it shows in a lot of ways like their breathing for example.
Today, the mech vent alarm kept on going off. It became tiring. We had to turn the alarm off, and reset. It went off again in a matter of minutes.  We didn’t know what to do and the nurses were also at a loss. We called of Kevin of Alfie Lungcare and he came immediately even if he just arrived from a trip. He explained that the alarm is caused by the abnormal I:E ratio or the ratio of the inspiration (inhaling) and expiration (exhaling).

Our Action:
It seems that Melit is exhaling faster than she inhales. Since the doctors were out, we just did what we know to do – suctioning. For the first time since her surgery , there was so much oral and nasal discharges, and so much phlegm. Fortunately, it helped and before long, the alarm stopped ringing.
Our Doctors said
Dr. Casino said part of this is the effect of the antibiotic in the treatment of her pneumonia. The fluid discharges, in a way, are good news because bacteria are released out of her system.
God’s Blessings: 
Cousin Bebec brought her Community of Love and Mercy and prayed over Melit for almost an hour.  That night, Melit was sleeping in peace.


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