Day 1 of the Nine Day Preparation for Discharge

May 30, 2012

Day 19

Vitals: 20/80, 36.6, 100, 97, 24

Today is Day 1 of her nine-day preparation for homecare. We discussed this with the three Doctors: Yacapin, Casino and Barba and all three of them agreed that we will use the next days to make Melit ready for homecare.

Day 1

Dr. Yacapin asked her resident Dr. Eduave to remove sutures and staplers from Melit’s two wounds – in the head and in her stomach.

Dr. Casino ordered a round-the-clock breathing test of four hours of T-piece for every thirty minutes of mechanical ventilator

Dr. Barba ordered a more rigorous physical therapy, and to raise her bed to 90 degrees, just like sitting.


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