June 10, 2012
Day 30
Vitals: 100/70, 36.7, 89, 77, 28

HOMECARE ESSENTIALS 2: Good Relationships with Suppliers

There are few life essentials we take for granted more than oxygen. Air is the last free commodity, because now water, at least the potable ones, are now commercialized.  Now, we know how important oxygen is and how expensive it is.

We will always be grateful to BJ and Kevin of Alfie Lungcare. When we went home, Melit was already breathing on her own, however, maybe because she was adjusting to the environment (comatose patients do interact with their environments), her 02 was going down to dangerous levels so we decided to use the oxygen tank. We were alarmed that we have been using the tank for three hours at .5 lpm and we run out of oxygen.

It was already late in the evening and our oxygen supplier (SUGECO) closes at night, so there was only one solution, the concentrator from Alfie Lungcare. The concentrator is a machine that harvests oxygen from the air and purifies it for the patient’s use. Bj and Kevin came right away, and when they arrived was the exactly the minute the tank went empty.


Oxygenation will always be a part of the intensive care of comatose patients.  We can save a lot of money by renting a concentrator rather than buy oxygen in tanks, that is, until Melit does not require oxygen as part of her constants, and eventually we will just have a standby oxygen tank in case of emergency.


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