June 11, 2012
Day 31
Vitals:  100



Melit has passed the one-month benchmark. That is good news. That is thirty days longer than the ten percent chance of survival given to her a month ago.

Still, we need a clear set of agenda that will define and determine the care we provide for her and our financial management.  The agenda also help us, the family, deal with our expectations and emotional responses to this situation.

Comatose patients do require clear and strategic thinking.

When we were still in the hospital, our agenda were called the three P’s:

  1. Pray and wait for Melit’s Brain Injury to heal and for her to wake up from coma through:
    1. Proper medication and medical experts opinion
    2. Fervent prayers
    3. Right stimulation of the senses
    4. Positive conversation with her
  1. Prevent  any complication through:
    1. Preventive medicines and regular checkup
    2. Proper nutrition and supplements
    3. Regular diagnostic tests
    4. Sanitary and hygienic practices
    5. Sterile environment
  1. Provide quick response to emergency situations
    1. Alert watchers
    2. Through documentation
    3. Access to emergency medical care


Health is a fundamental family concern, but having someone in the family who is comatose means we put health, wellness and hygiene as top agenda. We make sure that all we do contributes to Melit’s healing.

However, we also decided that we will not allow this comatose phase of Melit’s to determine and dictate our lives and our personal and family rhythm. We continue with our jobs making sure that there are well-suited adjustments, we proceed with the usual rituals of going to mass, malling, having dinner outside, and eating at the Night Café every weekend. Once our goals were set, we knew this is just part of the family journey. This too shall pass.


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