June 13, 2012

Day 33

Vitals: BP: 110/80, Temp: 36.7, o2: 94, HR: 68, RR: 24



Melit lives in a newly renovated house in Damilag, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon. It is a beautiful house with not designed for comatose patients. The stairs going up are narrow and steep, making it hard for stretchers to pass for emergency purposes.

The family decided to rent a small apartment in Bayabas, Cagayan de Oro. For three reasons: it is near the city for her medicines and emergency needs but far enough that the place is quiet and peaceful; it is near Melit’s eldest sister Lucy who provides financial, moral and logistical support throughout her healing process; and it is near the beach which brings fresh sea air to Melit’s room.

Comatose patients do require fresh air from nature, not from oxygen tanks.

These are the essential elements of her own healing corner:

  1. A hospital bed which we rented from Alfie Lungcare
  2. Oxygen supply
  3. Suction machine, also from Alfie Lungcare
  4. Pulse oximeter from Alfie Lungcare
  5. Nebulizer
  6. A feeding table
  7. A medical supply cabinet
  8. A writing table
  9. An airconditioner
  10. A DVD player for her music therapy


It is essential that Melit has her own room marked by clear boundaries. It is good for her, it is good for the family. When outside the room, we cease to be caregivers and return to our normal lives. It is also easier to control the sterility and hygiene as well as the room temperature when the recovery room is contained. We call her place Melit’s Healing Corner.


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