June 14, 2012
Day 34
Vitals: BP:110/80, Temp: 36.7, O2: 98, HR: 69, RR: 24



Melit is a primary school teacher, her daily life follows a fixed schedule and her year obey the school calendar. After more than two decades of teaching, her brain must be wired to a life of rhythm and patterns.

Comatose patients do retain some of the conditionings brought by their daily lives. These could be a source of comfort to them.

Fortunately, both medicine and nursing may not be fixed sciences but my God, these are rhythmic sciences. Everything follows a fixed schedule called Q’s. This medicine is Q8, thus given every eight hours, vitals is Q4, thus taken every four hours, bed turning is Q2 thus must be done every two hours.

It is also very advantageous to us caregivers.  This removes the stresses of a hurried and hectic life, and the stresses of not knowing what to do next. Of course we know what to do, it is posted on the board.

Our Daily Schedule for Homecare Part 1

Time Prayers Bedside Meds and Feeding Sensory
6:00 am Morning Angelus Morning CareTurn Left Bed at 45 degrees Music therapy: 70 BeatsMorning AirAircon off
8:00 Daily Gospel Turn FlatStockings OnVitals Bed at 80 degrees for the feeding LeveteracetamCiticholineStress TabsMoriaminOmeprazole




ROMAircon at Medium Cool
10:00 Turn RightStockings OffBed at 60 degrees Pop SongsAircon at High Cool
12:00 nn Angelus Turn LeftStockings OnVitalsBed at 80 degrees OFCiticholine Classical MusicTouch therapy
2:00 pm 3 o’clock Prayer for Divine Mercy Turn FlatStockings OffOral CareBed at 45 degrees 70 BeatsAircon at Medium Cool
4:00 Turn RightStockings OnSkin CareVitals OF Pop SongsStorytelling
6:00 AngelusRosary Turn LeftStockings OffBed at 30 degrees LevetaracetamCiticholine Harp for Healing
8:00 Evening Prayer: Psalms Turn FlatVitalsEvening Care Ensure Harp for Healing
10:00 Turn Right Harp for Healing
12:00 mn Turn LeftVitals OF Harp for Healing
2:00 am Turn Right
4:00 Turn Flat OF

Our Weekly Schedule

Day of the Week Special Care Housekeeping Feeding
Monday Facial Change suction catheters Rice, Egg, Milk, banana, and Malunggay
Tuesday Foot Spa and Hand spa Rice, Egg, Milk, Apple and Tuna Flakes
Wednesday Bath (the rest of the week is sponge bath only) Change suction cathetersChange soaking solutions Rice, Egg, Milk, banana and Malunggay
Thursday Foot spa and hand spa Rice, Egg, Milk, Apple and Tuna Flakes
Friday Nail care and hair care Change suction catheters Rice, Egg, Milk and Malunggay
Saturday Bath (the rest of the week is sponge bath only) Rice, Egg, Banana and Milk only
Sunday Change suction catheterChange soaking solutions All milk


Patient care might be rhythmic and regular, but what is essential in caregiving is both the process and precision. How you do affects a lot, and we decided to do it with care and compassion. Even a tedious chore like perineal care, we treat the human body as sacred. But what is also essential is what you do in between – those moments between schedules. Those are what we call quality time, either talking to Melit or studying about her case. We also use the time for our personal needs.


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