June 18, 2012

Day 38

Vitals: BP: 100/70, Temp: 38.1, O2Sat; 95, HR; 71, RR: 23

HOMECARE ESSENTIALS 10: Proper Medication

Our family grew up with a bias towards natural and herbal medicines. When we had fever, the old“Hilot” Manang Misyang would come to massage our body with herbal oil and tie a “hakop” – a mixture of grasses around our waist. Toothaches were solved by a leaf of a plant called “Hanlilika”, while stomach pains were treated by herbal oil and tea from boiled leaves of God knows what.

We recognize of course that Melit’s condition require Western medicines, and those that really shock the body – Invanz, Vancomysin, Meropenem and all other antibiotics cost the monthly rental of a large condominium unit DAILY.

At home, Melit’s medicines are administered in six different ways:

  1. Oral – which is administered via NGT and this includes Telmisartan, Citicholine, Leviteracetam, Omeprazole, and  the vitamins and supplements.
  2. Topical – the most useful such as Calmoseptine, Horticort, and Bactroban
  3. Nebulized – Salbutamol and Duavent
  4. Rectal – the occasional supostory for her bowel movement like Dulcolax

Today, Dr. Sabal came for another visit and wrote a different prescription. She added Hemostan for her bleeding, and Alova for her asthma.

But we have two fears always, what if the medicines interact in such a way that is harmful to Melit’s body?


Yes, it is possible. Atenolol, which was prescribed for her blood pressure and helped in her heart rate, we found out, should not be given to asthmatic patients like Melit. Her asthma attack became worse.

So, as a rule, we always double check: the right medicine, the right dose, the right time, the right way of administering, and the right drug interaction or mix in Melit’s daily prescription.

The internet became a good tool. Every time, there is a new prescription, our researcher Reish, would check the item and share that to the caregivers.


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