This Week: August 19-25, 2012

Since Melit wouldn’t be able to join the homecoming party of our friend Arlene Adanza Jane – who hosted the family’s tour in Singapore last February,  she continues to be pampered this week.

Melit in Singapore with Arlene and Au-au Adanza.

Yes, a visit by Doctor Joanna Sabal this week, hopefully this Wednesday, is called pampering already. If you recall, Dr. Sabal belongs to the AKBAY Homecare team. Hopefully, they have recovered from the pressures of organizing and hosting this year’s Stroke National Convention and Fun Run for Stroke which we joined last Sunday.

Sunday, as usual, is Melit’s all-milk day.  We give her a rest from digesting osteorized food. Also, even if she is bed-ridden, Sunday is still her rest day – no music therapy, no ROM exercises, no sensory exercises. Just soft music, turning, skin/perineal care, feeding, and meds.

Now that she is moving her whole body, we are looking forward to Dr. Sabal’s new instructions.

Enjoy the week!


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