New Doctor’s Orders

This is the list of things Dr. Sabal ordered for Melit during today’s home visit with Ching.


a. lower dose of Citicholine to 500 mg per dose twice a day

b. acetylcystein, duavent, and telmisartan are  PRN instead of daily

c. omeprazole is lowered to 20 mg daily

d. give Dolcet (PRN) if Melit is in pain

e. use Calmoseptine for wound care and remove Bactroban from the medlist

f.  Sodium bicarbonate is lowered to one tablet three times a day


a. Melit in sitting position for thirty minutes once in the morning after (after morning care), and once in the evening during Prayers

b. Apply high-moisture lotion regularly for the dry skin

c. Use natural loofah for morning care

d. add skinless chicken to the OF


a. Admit Melit in a hospital for one day for the specialists to  do their check-up, and for lab tests and imaging, as well as bedside procedures…maybe we have to book again a suite room at the NMMC


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