How to Join the Run Against Stroke 2012

Urban is the theme of this week’s wordpress photo contest, and I am joining because I love urban photography even if this is not a photoblog.

And most importantly, I want to communicate to my three readers that URBAN is also a public health issue – the pollution, the heat, the fastfoods, the traffic and the concrete jungle all serve as the setting for diseases, most especially hypertension and stroke.

So, I portray URBAN using my photos during the Run Against Stroke 2012 last week. I hope it makes sense.

1. Make sure that you wear the right pair of running shoes, and the right color that should match the color of concrete because what is the logic of running with shoes that do not compliment the road?

Register, otherwise you will be charged with illegal running or travel violation…

buy the event jerseys – because let’s face it, that is the primary reason for joining, and well, it helps raise funds for stroke victims – another reason (perhaps that should be the main reason?)

act as if you are actually running, slow enough that the camera can capture you but fast enough that the participants in wheel chairs won’t be able to overtake you…

Pose in the finish line, no one is going to stop you even if you haven’t finished the one kilometer run

interact with other runners to make it appear that you are doing this regularly

and eat a stroke-preventive breakfast of fried rice, fried chicken, french fries, coke, and sundae

thank you AKBAY, and Stroke Support Group of Mindanao, next year: 4K

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