And the sea breathes his name

“By the shore of the sea searching for his memory
Sifting sand through my hand weighing what he means to me
In the early morning haze seagulls seem to cry my pain
And the ocean feels it too sighs his name on whispering waves

the sea outside my hut

There is something soothing and sensual in songs that speak of the sounds of nature. In Donna Summer’s haunting ode to lost love, seagulls cry in pain, oceans sigh a lover’s name, and waves whisper to abandoned lover’s ears.

And I heard it too, this morning. His name, I mean. The tide was high, and I was awakened at the break of dawn by the soft splashing of the waves. I closed my eyes and listened, and the sea whispered his name – the one that got away.

The sea breeze was cold and quiet as it entered my room. I strained my ears to discern the soft voices of the sea. I heard the sighs of  faraway songs; the wind and the waves play a delicious duet that brought me back to the beach at a different time, a year ago in fact, when the sea brought him to my life.

It was raining when he knocked on my door, his face glistening with a combination of seawater and raindrops. He was almost freezing as his smile alternated with the gritting of his perfect teeth because of the cold. He asked for a towel and time to rest; I gave him my heart and soul.

I prayed to the goddess of the sea and the god of rain to give us more time, and the gods smiled on me. The rain never ceased until the next day. So, he spent the sleepless night with me in what is perhaps the greatest night of my life.

But low tides always come, and rain, no matter how haunting it sounds, always stops. And by the break of dawn, he was gone – out of my hut, and out of my life.

Still I am thankful, for memories like that are not given to all. He was a gift from the sea.This morning, when the sea breathed his name, my heart was filled with gratitude. For if happiness has a name it would be Denver.

*This is my entry to the Weekly Writing Challenge. The theme is the sound of blogging.


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