Melit today – still looking beautiful in her bald look. Her accessory of course is an NGT tube

For those who are asking about Melit, we are happy to tell you that she is alive and kicking, literally.

Of course she is still being fed via NGT, but she is breathing on her own now, and has been independent from oxygenation for weeks.

Yes, she is kicking. She doesn’t just move or lift her legs, she actually kicks when she doesn’t want to be touched or when she doesn’t want to be moved to a new position.
For someone whose post-surgery prognosis was “she will be vegetative for years”, Melit certainly defy doctors’ diagnosis just as she defied the “death sentence” a month ago when we signed a DNR because the doctors said she was dying in a few hours due to major organ failure secondary to septicemia.

Vegetative indeed! Unless we know of a vegetable capable of kicking, except perhaps those cute kindergarten kids wearing okra and eggplant during Nutrition Month.

Next up: a surgery called PEG!


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