After the Two Earthquakes

The sea off Cagayan de Oro was calm after the earthquake.

We are a people suffering from disaster-fatigue. Yes, we have shown strength and resiliency, coming out from a series, literally, a series of natural disasters where lives were lost and properties were damaged. Yes, we find humor, and sometimes romance, in the thick of relief operations. We considered packing thousands of rice, water, canned goods, and noodles as exercise workouts. We see God in every step of the way. We, as people, don’t lose hope.

But, my dear God, we are tired! Really! Just when we recovered from Sendong came Habagat. And the floods have not dried up in some provinces yet when a magnitude 7.6 earthquake accompanied by a tsunami alert kept us all night. Then, two days later, another earthquake in Bukidnon – and we were sleepless again because of the fear of aftershocks.

That is just too much. But then again, the sea remains calm. My sister who just woke up from comatose looks calm as well. Maybe we can just relax. Until the earth shakes again.


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