Life in Limbo

Dr. Joanna Sabal, Melit’s family physician from AKBAY who visits her at least once a month, told us last September that Melit is reaching a plateau – an expected one in her healing and recovery process.

That means we won’t be expecting any significant signs of improvement – which came rapidly from August – September –  but we won’t be concerned about any medical emergencies as well.

Actually, it makes sense. It allows the body to process all those medications and interventions done to her. The plateau is also a period of time for her spirit to rest and relax after a long and hard-fought battle.

A plateau allows a hiker to rest and replenish before going up agains.
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Oddly enough, this plateau phase is difficult  to deal with especially for us, Melit’s primary caregivers, who have been used to and conditioned to respond to fluctuations in her blood pressure, temperature, O2 sat, and so on.

Now, we only take her vitals once a day — it used to be Q2, then Q4, now it’s OD. All her medications are now shifted from Q12 to OD, and her bedside care is not as intense as it was.

Maybe we have to relax. We are now preparing for the next healing cycle, And we don’t know what will come.


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