Comatose, Melit still teaches

melit with family in Singapore

Carmelita “Melit” Barnido Balase is a teacher. She comes from a long line of educators. Her father was a teacher, her grandfather was a principal, her cousins are teachers and one is a principal. At age 54, she found happiness in being part of a compact and dynamic group of teachers running the Camp JMC Elementary School in Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon (southern part of the Philippines) amidst the pineapple fields of Del Monte Philippines.

Melit is a widow (Joel, her husband, died when the kids were still toddlers) but she managed to raise her two kids Jezza and Jessan like a normal family and send them to school despite the low income from her job. She is part of a very tight and loving family that supported her every step of the way.

Most people are aware that Melit has hearing problems, but she has no difficulty understanding others because she listens with her heart.  Friends and family always remember her as deeply concerned and generous to others.

Last May 11, 2012 while preparing to go to school for the culminating program of the Summer Reading Class, she suffered a major stroke. Because of a brain hemorrhage, she was brought from Phillips Memorial Hospital to Cagayan de Oro Medical Center where a team of doctors operated on her in order to save her life. She went into coma before the surgery and had not woken up since then.

She survived the stroke (200/100), a septic shock (50/30) and a pneumonia in between.

Whatever God has planned for her, one thing remains certain, Melit is a survivor, and even in her comatose state she continues to teach. This blog is a way of teaching others the lessons she taught us while she is in deep sleep.


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